Galway is a county of unparalleled natural beauty with ripe land and rich marine.

Our region stretches from the small green fields and stone walls in the north of the county, to the rich farmlands of the Shannon River Basin along  the Hidden Heartlands in the east and south the the unique fishing communities.

Galway, West of Ireland is the first European Region of Gastronomy 2018 awardee in Ireland and the British Isles and we are very proud of this achievement. It is a recognition of the great advancements that Galway has made in becoming a food destination.

Food plays a critical role in all our lives in Galway from farmer and fisherman to chef, restauranteur and consumer. Discover Galway Food Experiences aims to build exciting and immersive interactions with food while increasing positive connections.

Galway has a strong cultural identity and rich heritage firmly rooted in our unique landscapes, culture, and rural traditions. We are proud to share our love for the land and to share the experience with those who search for the connection.

Discover Galway by visiting the array of producers, farmers, restaurants, and experience the quality and value of our local offerings which invoke a unique sense of place, culture and hospitality.

This project is initiated by Galway County Council, funded by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and supported by Failte Ireland, Hidden Heartlands.